Apr 16, 2013

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What to watch for when considering a portable carport

When you drive around, you will no doubt notice many portable tent like structures erected in people yards. These tents are portable carports and are used to provide protection for a second car that has no garage space or perhaps a boat or motor home. They are ideal alternatives to renting space somewhere where your boat can be under a roof. They are also ideal for outdoor storage purposes.

There is little doubt that portable carports have a lot going for them. They have a simple to erect frame, usually made from durable steel or stainless steel tubing and covered with a durable cover which is waterproof, fire resistant UV resistant and tough enough to stand up to some pretty strong winds. The most basic portable carports are just a cover, the more sophisticated ones come with sides which roil down when needed, and some even are fitted with clear plastic windows.

There is word of caution before you purchase one, you must make sure it is allowed in your area to erect one. The first thing you need to do is call and check with the local zoning department and see if they can legally be erected in your area.

Portable carports are classified as a canopy. It is a true portable structure but they are often erected as a semi-permanent fixture and they stay for years. People buy these carports and think of them as being no different than a little outdoor canopy that you may put up during a BBQ in the back yard. Many municipalities don’t see it that way, they look at it as being a permanent structure and before you erect it you may have to secure a building permit.

There may be city ordinances as to where structures of this nature can be erected. You may buy a portable carport only to find out later that you cannot place it where you had intended. Normally the front yard, side and rear yards, which are all referred to as your “green space,” cannot have portable carports erected. These areas were never intended to hold a vehicle or another building. You may find that you have to remove it and, if you poured a slab for a floor, you may have to remove it as well.

A large lot is usually required before portable carports are allowed, however, if you find that your subdivision rules allow for them, so will the municipality. If they are allowed, they will probably be subject to the same rules and regulations that prevail when building a permanent garage or carport. There is no doubt that these carports are useful, just make sure that you can erect one before you make the purchase.


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