What To Think About Before Purchasing A Stud Welding Gun

One of the biggest mistakes that are made in the purchase of equipment and components on any job or for any company is to not spend time in advance of the purchase in knowing what is needed.

Niche Companies and Specialized Equipment

Today, there are a lot of options for companies looking for specialized types of equipment including stud welding equipment. If you are in the market for a new stud welding gun, it is worth the time to look at what niche companies have to offer and avoid just considering what is offered at supply outlets or from only one welding equipment manufacturer.

Many of the smaller niche companies have unique features and options to consider with their stud welding gun models and designs. They will typically offer both arc stud welding and CD stud welding equipment, allowing you to choose the welding gun that is right for your current system or invest in a new system to expand your inventory and services.

Standard or Heavy Duty

With drawn arc stud welding of the larger diameter stud welds in often more challenging projects, it is important to consider if there is a need for a standard or a heavy duty model.

The standard model of stud welding gun from specialized companies are built to last and can offer features such as a faster lift action to create neater welds and increase efficiency. Heavy duty models are designed for larger diameter studs used on industrial construction projects where the weld studs will be over the standard 5/8 inch diameter.

With CD stud welding, the guns need to be lightweight yet durable and easy for operators to use continual basis. They should also have the features you need such as automatic gap distance generation as well as a range of safety features for operator control and monitoring.

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