What to Look for When Evaluating a Pre-School for Your Child

Do you have a child who will be starting pre-school soon? If so, you naturally want to find the best school for your young student. Discover three factors to keep in mind as you consider a pre-school for your child.

Well-Trained Teachers
A staff of well-trained teachers is a must-have for a school. The teachers should be familiar with the most modern teaching techniques and specialize in the methods of teaching very young children. Aside from being well-prepared in their academic training and student teaching work, teachers should be compassionate and dedicated to their career.

The Opportunity to Explore Interests
A school should also allow your young student the opportunity to explore their interests. For instance, if a child likes music, this should be a part of the child’s school day on a regular basis. Allowing young children to explore their interests keeps them engaged and excited about learning.

A Positive Introduction to School
Another factor to consider is whether your student will receive a positive introduction to school. This means establishing a welcoming environment where children feel valued and cared for. Oftentimes, a child’s future school years are colored by their very early experiences in school. Lastly, these are three factors to consider when choosing a school. Adding more of your own to the list can help make your evaluation process more effective.

If you are interested in our classes for your pre-school student, contact our knowledgeable staff at Council Oak Montessori School today.

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