What to Look for in Professional Landscape Companies in Scotts Valley

Creating a truly beautiful and functional landscape design is much more complicated than most people realize. Many homeowners have tried their hand at choosing some pretty plants out of a catalog and throwing seeds in the ground, but without an intricate knowledge of their climate and soil needs and how they interact with each other, there is no guarantee of success. Those looking to make the most of their yards without years of trial and error can consult one of the Landscape Company in Scotts Valley for more professional results.

A professional landscaper has a full understanding of the unique climate conditions in the Northeast and what plants will be able to thrive. The right combination of trees, shrubs, perennial and annual plants can create a pleasant outdoor atmosphere and improve the property value of a home, but only if they are chosen carefully. Some plants require full sun, while others enjoy shade. Some require replanting every year, while others self-propagate or grow back perennially from an existing root structure. A landscaping company like K&D Landscaping, Inc that specializes in site specific design will know what combination of these will best suit the available space.

For those who are having trouble with existing plants or grass, hiring a landscaper can help to diagnose the problem. Each variety has its own soil requirements that must be met, and often in urban environments this can be a challenge. Hiring a professional to test soil pH and quality, supplementing the dirt where it is necessary and installing drainage systems that can often bring struggling plants and trees back to life.

With the services provided by a professional landscaper, yards of any size can be turned into backyard oases. But not all Landscape Company in Scotts Valley are created equal. It’s important to find a company that has the specialized knowledge required to make the most out of existing conditions. They must be experienced with landscape design as well as a wide variety of different plants’ ideal growth conditions. Anyone can mow a lawn or place rock barriers, but only a company that understands both outdoor design and the unique requirements of both native and non-native plants can produce truly incredible results. For more information visit https://kndlandscaping.com/

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