Feb 25, 2016

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What To Look For In Instant Replay Software

What To Look For In Instant Replay Software

Most schools want to have the best equipment and use the most technologically-advanced options, especially when it comes to proof that a play was correct. Therefore, they want the best instant replay software available, which can be used for football, basketball, soccer and any other sport where a call could be confusing to make. Since there are so many options, it can be helpful to learn what to look for in these products, so you know which one is right for you and your team.

Ease of Use

The primary goal of this program is to be easy to use and efficient at capturing everything. Though some options may seem better because they’re more complex, sometimes a simple product is the most effective. You want something that is user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of extra items to work. Many products only require you to have a camera, computer (such as a laptop) and an iPad or Tablet to be able to use them.

Internet Connections

If you’re creating a football video while at an away game, you may not have access to the Internet, unless you’ve got a hot-spot wireless device, such as a phone. However, you still want to capture everything and create an excellent video, whether there is Internet access or not. You will also wish to distribute the videos as needed without worrying about whether there is Wi-Fi available. While most companies will say this isn’t an option, there are some products out there that do work without access to the Internet.

Laptop Usage

Almost everyone has a laptop, and that’s all you should need when using instant replay software. The laptop is the mission control center and can distribute your video through the stadium. You should also consider a product that uses a simple interface, so that anyone can use it, including parents and students. You shouldn’t be required to have a degree in computer science to use a product.

No Endzone Camera

While most coaches would dream of having an end zone camera, most schools cannot afford them. However, you should be able to use almost any camera to shoot the video. You should be able to work with what you have instead of buying all new equipment to use one program.

Easy Uploads

Again, you shouldn’t need to be extremely tech-savvy just to videotape and distribute the footage. Some products will allow you to import stats, so you don’t have to do it all manually.

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