Feb 11, 2016

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What to Look for in Flatbed Brokers and Transportation Carriers

What to Look for in Flatbed Brokers and Transportation Carriers

When you have large loads that require care during the moving process, hiring the right flatbed brokers is paramount. Flatbed trucking is a unique part of the trucking industry, requiring certain skills and a level of passion not necessarily required in other parts of the trucking field. A few tips can help you choose the right flatbed brokers for your company.

Driver Skills
The drivers you hire to move your cargo must be experienced with covering and placing a tarp over freight. Tarps are necessary when transporting cargo that is weather sensitive; however, utilizing tarp is no easy task, as tarps are usually extremely large and have the potential to weigh almost 100 pounds.

The drivers you also use need to be aware of the state’s regulations regarding your loads, including regulations on weight, size, proper strapping, the breakup of the load, and tarp procedure. Timing is another essential issue to consider, as large loads can’t be transported in bad weather conditions or the evening hours. An escort vehicle may even need to travel along with the hauling truck depending on your freight’s size. The trucking company handling your cargo needs to be able to take efficient care of all of the requirements so that your loads are not delayed.

Flatbed Brokers
Top-notch flatbed brokers partner with flatbed transportation carriers who have the experience needed to handle your cargo. A broker can assist you in finding the appropriate equipment for building materials, glass, and even complex oversized goods. Through a broker, you can receive service for step decks, basic flats, RGNs, double drops, overweight, over dimensional and expedited as well as flatbed LTL equipment that can safely and securely haul each of your shipments.

Process Expectations
As soon as you contact a flatbed broker, the company can review your particular hauling needs with you and then help you with figuring out the most appropriate transportation plan for you. The broker will also be able to pinpoint the equipment needed for your job, thus minimizing your load time and subsequently eliminating annoying and costly delays. With the right broker, you can feel confident that the job will get done correctly.

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