Sep 29, 2018

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What to Look For in an Elementary School Near Minneapolis, MN

What to Look For in an Elementary School Near Minneapolis, MN

When your child is ready for an elementary school near Minneapolis MN there are several factors that can contribute to the success and growth of your child mentally and physically.

Basic Needs

When assessing which elementary school is best for your child to check into, ensure the schools meet certain basic needs. What is the school start time? If the school does not start until 9 AM and you have to be at work at 8 AM is there early morning care? Does the elementary school private a healthy and nutritious lunch?

Student-Teacher Ratio

When assessing an elementary school, find out what the student-teacher ratio. Parents should consider how much individual attention can be given to each student. How big are the classes? Is a teacher’s aide available for each class?


The student-teacher ratio is important but so is extra tutoring. Find out what kind of tutoring services are offered. Are the students pulled out of class for tutoring? Do they offer small group tutoring during school hours? Is after school tutoring available?

Behavioral Issues

Behavioral problems exist in all schools. What makes a difference is how these issues are addressed by the institution. It is important to know the school’s policy and understand their disciplinary policies. Is it strict or more relaxed? Do they have a punitive approach such as issuing demerits or suspension? Have they instituted a positive-discipline program such as issue a first warning for the first offense and then the second offense is missing recess? Disciplinary policies vary widely, so it is important you are comfortable with the school’s disciplinary policies and procedures.


Find out how much homework is required for specific grades. Typically, kindergartners do not get much homework while upper grades will receive more. As about weekend and holiday homework.


Public schools must meet specific state and district requirements. However, private schools can get additional accreditation from different organizations.

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