Sep 4, 2014

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Why A White Glove Service For Art?

Many companies offer what they refer to as “White Glove Service.” This refers to a specific type of packing and or moving method. When it comes to the crating, packing and shipping of art, some people believe the best service and even only service possible is White Glove Service. In Los Angeles, you are sure to find many in the art world who agree.

Defining White Glove Service?

There is some dispute about the specifics about White Glove Service. Companies may have slightly different definitions. A few may be more inclusive while others are very rigid on what they offer. Nevertheless, the major point remains the same. White Glove Service is a premium service. Whatever the company may offer in terms of crating, packing and shipping or even storage, White Glove Service symbolizes the epitome of what they can provide.

What It May Include

White Glove Service as delivered by company who specializes in the business of handling art may include any of the items listed below:

1. Creating special crates for shipments

2. Actual crating the items for shipping or storage

3. Packing the items for moving or storage

4. Unpacking the items at the designated destination

5. Installation of the art items

6. Cleaning up, taking away and/or discarding of all packing material or items

7. Taking care of the paperwork and other aspects that may be involved with shipping interstate, intrastate, national and or internationally

Some of this may be included in regular shipping but it becomes an integral part of White Glove Service and includes specialization in certain areas not included in regular shipping, moving etc.

The Purpose of White Glove Service

White Glove Service comes at a price. Yet it also exists for a purpose. In Los Angeles, the most common basis for art claims from insurance companies is simple. It is not theft. Most insurance claims arise from the damage that occurs during shipping or moving. If you arrange for White Glove Service, you substantially decrease the risk of damage to your fine art pieces.

The purpose behind White Glove Service in Los Angeles is the same reason why you should consider it the next time you plan to pack, store and/or ship any of your artwork. You want it to be safe, secure and complete. By using White Glove Service, you are actively engaged in providing the best means possible for protecting your artwork and reducing the stress from trusting your art to strangers.

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