What To Look For In A Top Mobile Conference App

When considering features in a mobile conference app it is a really good idea to approach the task as if you were an attendee to the conference or event. If you use this way to consider how effective the app is you will quickly spot any omissions or items that you may want to add.

What’s the Focus?

It’s important to consider the focus of the conference or event when you are deciding what you need in a mobile conference app. Depending on the focus you may want to include specific features for those in attendance. For example, if you are hosting a networking conference or a business orientation training conference you would want to include features such as embedding Twitter and other social media. This could also include an attendee list and also providing a bulletin board where people can meet and share information.

Sessions and Speaker Information

No matter what the specific focus of your conference may be you will definitely want all attendees, speakers and participants to have access to the information for each session and speaker. This can include uploading copies of handouts, notes or even PowerPoint presentations that can be accessed by each attendee. It will also include the location of each presentation as well as the session time.

In addition you can structure the speaker information so that links to websites, social media and even organizations are all available right from the profile section of the mobile conference app. Speakers, as well as attendees, can have the ability to go in and to edit their own profile by providing as much or as little information as they want to make available to others.

After Conference Events

Another ideal option to add to any mobile conference app is information for attendees about what to see and do between conference sessions. This is particularly important if you are hosting a conference for out of town guests.

Maps with local restaurants, shopping, entertainment venues and even favorite attractions are sure to make your mobile conference app helpful to everyone in attendance. You may also want to include surveys, information on exhibitors and sponsors as well as a personalized agenda where attendees can plan their conference sessions and keep track of all their options.

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