What to Look for in a Custom Design Shed Building in Kentucky

A custom-designed shed is a good addition to any property, whether you use it for recreation, storage, or a workspace.

Here are some of the main considerations when choosing a custom-design shed building in Kentucky.

Decide on a Size for the Shed

The first detail to consider is how much space you need. 10’x10’ is a common size for a small storage shed. However, you can design sheds measuring more than twice that size. It helps to think about how you intend to use the shed.

If you want to use it as a work shed, you may need space for a table, shelving, and room to move around. If you mostly intend to use it as storage, it needs to be able to fit your equipment and tools.

Choose the Style for the Shed

You can choose from a wide range of styles. For example, He Shed She Shed, LLC offers sheds, garages, barns, and playhouses to match anyone’s preferences.

In some areas, you may need to try to match the architectural style or color of your house. You should also consider the roof’s type of materials. Sheds often have a metal or asphalt shingle roof. Metal roofs cost a little more up front but are less prone to damage and can last a lifetime.

Shed Doors and Windows

Every shed needs a door. However, storage sheds do not always have windows. Windows let more sunlight inside, which helps when using the shed as a small workshop. If you plan to use the shed for storage, you may prefer the security of a windowless design.

Along with these details, you should consider your budget when searching for a custom-design shed building in Kentucky. Compare options that fit your price range, available space, and preferred style.

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