Nov 30, 2012

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What To Look For From Translation Services

Translation services can help your business reach new people in markets you wish to expand to. Whether it’s internal documents or your website, translation services ensure that everything is up to par when putting your business in the eyes of a new consumer. Translation services help give your business a new face in a new market. Translation services are a smart idea to explore for businesses who have identified a market in another country where a different language is spoken. The first time this market hears of your company should be in their native language, to give you a professional appearance that shows you are eager for their business and support.

Translation services help get your message across in a flawless manner, changing words or phrases as needed so you say exactly what you need to say in the right way. There is one thing when it comes to knowing a language well, but professional translation services understand how to use the correct terms to make a point.

Things To Consider When Choosing Translation Services

  • Is it a human doing the translating? Believe it or not, many companies use computers, not people for translations. You want a person to do the translations for you or there can be many hiccups in the language once it’s converted. Sometimes verbatim translations do not work for all languages, which is why it is crucial that you have an actual person doing the translating – not a machine. Ask the translation services who is performing the translation before you commit.
  • Do they proofread? This is another question. Most translation services state this on their website. You do not merely want a computer to check the work. A real person should read it to catch any errors in the translation or make improvement. Remember it’s your online image that matters for a new demographic, so take your time and ask all of the questions you need to when choosing translation services.
  • Ask about fees. Because of the natural of translation services, it may take some back and forth to get the exact thing you want. Ask how many edits you’re entitled to and what happens if a project is overdue. Some translation services list this information in fine print, so it’s important to ask about extra fees up front. Other translation services have a flat fee that works per project.

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