Feb 13, 2018

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What to Know About Refinance Mortgage Rates in Knoxville

What to Know About Refinance Mortgage Rates in Knoxville

It is entirely true to hear that those who look to refinance an existing mortgage in good standing will also often find the best refinance mortgage rates in Knoxville. Still, you need to shop around to find the best rates for your needs. Let’s take a few minutes to understand just what that means and how to get from the proverbial point ‘A’ (your existing mortgage) to point ‘B’ (the refinance with better rates or terms).

  • Start with objectives – If you are not specific about goals (such as lowering the monthly payment or shortening the overall length of the loan), you cannot be clear about the best rates for your particular refinance. As an example, you might find that a refinance at a slightly lower rate helps you get that reduced monthly payment, but if you want the shorter term, you’ll get an even lower rate (but higher monthly payment).
  • If you want a good rate, you have to have a good score – While it is easy to believe that having a mortgage qualifies you for a better rate if you look a bit risky to lenders, you suffer from a higher interest rate on the refinance. Experts advise you to try to get your score to around 740 in order to get the best rates. You also don’t want to have lots and lots, of debts piled up like that too makes you a risk and results in higher refinance rates.
  • Decide on the term of the loan – Most borrowers choose their loans based specifically on the length of time they want them. Once you know which term is best for you, stick with it and just find the best rates for that term.
  • Forget rolling closing costs – If you are eager to get the very best rates, you need to have the cash on hand for any and all closing costs. A bank might offer to “roll” them into the new loan, but having that cash available typically results in the best rates available.
  • Shop around – Don’t just head straight to your current mortgage provider to inquire about refinancing. Instead, shop around and discover all of your options for refinancing mortgage rates in Knoxville.

If you are currently eager to find the best rates for your needs, pay a visit to your community bank. Visit their website and explore consumer and business resources to learn more about the different mortgage options available.

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