What to Know About Pricing a Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria

When you’re planning a vacation in the British Columbia area, you’ll likely want to know the prices of popular attractions and events before you go. One of the biggest queries people have regarding a trip to the areas most beloved cities is about the cost of a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. How much does it cost and what is included? Here’s how to plan your entire trip around your ferry ride:

Living Large

A boat ride isn’t just a boat ride when it comes to visiting Vancouver and Victoria – at least it doesn’t have to be. There are numerous cruise and charter companies in the area that offer lavish, cruise-like daytrip rides between the two cities.

Some of the luxuries you can enjoy with the city’s top cruise and day trip lines include:

  • Wi-fi access onboard
  • Sundecks and panoramic views of the entire area, great for sightseeing
  • Food and beverage service, either for purchase or included as part of your package
  • Comfortable seating with spectacular views

More luxurious options will naturally be more expensive, with prices starting just below $85 CAD. However, at less than twice the base-level cost of a voyage between the two cities, the luxury options are more affordable than many might think!

Keeping it Simple

Some people don’t fancy the idea of spending a bundle on a ferry ride, especially if that’s all it’s going to be. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay hefty costs for luxurious trimmings to enjoy a beautiful boat ride from one city to the next.

More conservative ferry travel between the two cities starts around $55 CAD. Prices do climb with additional features but are always more reasonable than the top-tier options – and they get you from one beautiful British Columbian city to the next just the same!

Contact your travel agent or a local ferry company to learn more about the cost of ferries from Vancouver to Victoria. You might be surprised at how affordable this daytrip option can be!

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