Aug 14, 2015

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What to Know About Large-Scale Pellet Mills in Oregon

Pellet Mills, also known as pellet presses, are machines used to create pellets from powdered materials. Pellets are mostly made from a combination of wood shavings, sawdust and other wood chips. A pellet production machine ensures that these woods chips are compressed into tiny, but dense pellets that can burn efficiently than other wood fuels. By pressing pellets through tiny holes, moisture is reduced thereby allowing them to be burned with high combustion efficiency. Pellets are used for power generation, residential or commercial heating and cooking. Here are some essential details to know about know about Pellet Mills in Oregon.

Types of Pellet Production Equipment

Pellet presses can be classified into two broad categories: small-scale and large-scale types. There are two types of large-scale pellet mills: flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Flat die mills are usually used in small and medium sized pellet productions that require low hourly output and materials with a large adhesive force. These mills consist of a flat die with slots. The powder is first introduced to the top of the die before it is passed through a roller that presses the powder via holes in the die. Ring die mills are used for large-scale pellet production. In ring die mills, the powder is fed into the inside of the die and spreaders distribute in the system. Two rollers are then used to compress the powder via die holes.

Pros and Cons of Flat Die Mills and Ring Die Mills

Some advantages of flat die mills include low energy consumption, greater mobility and suitable for producing small amounts of pellets. The cons of this machine include low pressure, low output and bad final pellet forming shape. Some advantages of ring die mills include subtle pellet forming shapes, ability to produce high dense pellets and suitable for large-scale pellet production. The main disadvantage of ring die mills is that they have a relatively higher energy consumption compared to other mills.

These are just some of the most important details to know before buying Pellet Mills in Oregon. Remember to consider factors such as user experience, originality, price and quality when choosing a pellet mill. For additional information about the best pellet milling equipment, please go to Website.

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