What to Know About Interventional Radiology

When most people think of radiology, they think of the kind of imaging that allows doctors to look inside the human body quickly and painlessly. This is certainly an important part of how radiology is used in the medical community, but it’s far from the only way. Interventional radiology is being used not only to diagnose but also to treat and prevent certain conditions inside the body.

How is Radiology Used in Surgery?

When procedures of a small or delicate scale need to be performed inside the body, it may not make sense to make incisions and open the body up like was once commonplace in medicine. Doing so can result in increased blood loss, tissue damage, and risk of infection. All of this can be avoided using radiology to guide the hands and instruments providing the surgical procedures.

Interventional radiology is simply that – the application of radiological scanning to help doctors and surgeons look inside a patient’s body and perform surgical or medical procedures without having to make large incisions or create additional risks. It’s a great way to treat many medical conditions and lessen recovery time while providing optimal outcomes.

Increased Convenience Offers Quicker Treatment

Some of the steps in using radiology to diagnose and treat illness and injury no longer require a trip to the hospital. Maitland imaging centers now offer walk-in style service to patients who need radiology testing performed but are unable to reach the hospital at a designated time or simply want the convenience this type of testing allows for. Once tests are conducted, patients can get right back to school, work, or familial obligations – and doctors can receive test results quicker and begin work on diagnosing and ultimately treating whatever is ailing the patient.

Radiology gives us a look inside the human body and is increasingly helping us reach inside to perform surgery and other restorative or preventative procedures. In some ways, it’s like modern magic – all performed with thorough understanding by the skilled doctors and technician who provide it.

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