What to Know about a Cash Surety Bond in Tyler, TX

The thought of getting arrested is frightening, but more so is the thought of having to spend time behind bars if the judge sets a high bail. Sometimes a person may be given a regular bail to pay which a bail bond agency will undertake if the person doesn’t have it to pay. Other times, the judge may require a cash bond which will be the full bail at the time. A bail bond agency will provide a Cash Surety Bond in Tyler TX for defendants in this situation, but the stakes are higher.

The Process of the Cash Surety Bond

Since the full bail is required, the bail bond agency will raise the stakes on the collateral needed, and the defendant must ensure to do everything to not forfeit the collateral. The fee may be 10 percent or it could be 15 percent, but the defendant will not get that back. As long as the defendant shows up to all the court appearances scheduled, the collateral will be intact. If the defendant fails to appear, the collateral is in serious jeopardy and the defendant might not get it back.

More about the Cash Surety Bond

Items that may be asked for as collateral could be a house, a boat, valuable electronics, expensive jewelry, or stock certificates. These are items the defendant will not want to lose, so showing up to the court for all the hearings is the smartest thing to do. Whether the defendant wins or loses the case, the collateral will be returned at the end of the court appearance. If a defendant wants to find out all that a bail bond agency requires to be done, the agency will provide that.

A Bail Bond Agency in Tyler, Texas

Defendants living in Tyler, Texas, or the surrounding cities can find a bail bond agency in the Yellow Pages of their phone books. Strike Three Bonds is a bail bond agency that provides surety bonds for defendants in Tyler, Texas, and the surrounding areas. If a person needs a Cash Surety Bond in Tyler TX, the agency can help. More information can be found on the website, Sitename. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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