Feb 10, 2015

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What to Expect When Your Visit a New Dentist in Providence RI

What to Expect When Your Visit a New Dentist in Providence RI

Seeing a dentist for regular check-ups and therapeutic treatments can enhance the health of your smile. Preventive and restorative care can also increase the visual appeal of your teeth and gums. If you will be seeing a new dentist, learn what to expect so you can develop a mindset conducive to receiving treatments. This can help lessen any apprehensions you have and enable you to work more productively with your new dentist in Providence RI.

While every dental practice has its own protocols for conducting office visits, most dentists incorporate similar procedures to ensure comprehensive treatment. A new visit will usually involve an in-depth consultation and thorough inspection of your mouth and areas surrounding your mouth. After these two are done, X-rays and other clinical tests may be ordered to get a better view of the internal parts of your mouth.

A new dental visit typically starts with a consultation. The dentist will ask you questions and you will have a chance to voice your fears and concerns. You should tell the dentist about your complete medical history, dental history, medications you are taking, and reasons for being prescribed these medications. Ensure that you disclose over-the-counter medications you are taking also. Don’t leave out information. Since dental health is an integral part of your overall health, only a dentist should decide which parts of your medical and dental histories are relevant to your treatment.

After the consultation, the dentist will evaluate the areas surrounding your mouth. This includes the salivary glands, lymph nodes, temporomandibular (jaw) joint, head, and neck. The Dentist in Providence RI will have you open and close your mouth all the way to test your jaw joint. Some irregularities the dentist will look for include redness, swellings, lumps, and abrasions. The dentist will observe the condition of the inside of your mouth. He will assess for dental diseases and dental conditions by the presence of such signs as discolorations, cuts, oozing of pus, odd smells, and swellings.

By performing a consultation and examination, a dentist will know what your current problems are. He will also know which treatments can help you improve your dental health. For more information on what to expect, talk to your dentist or a member of his support staff. You may be able to get literature from your dentist describing an initial visit.

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