Oct 28, 2013

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What To Expect When Having Your Teeth Whitened By A Dentist in Keansburg

Having your teeth whitened by a professional is much better than at home kits, mostly because of the rapid results you see with the professional whitening. Many people are opting for the supervision of their Dentist in Keansburg when whitening to ensure that they do not irreparably damage their teeth with harsh chemicals. The following are a few things you can expect when having your teeth cleaned by your dentist.
Polishing and Isolation

The first step of professional whitening is the polishing of your teeth with an item similar to pumice. This pumice allows for the removal of plaque, which allows the whitening to penetrate your teeth without obstruction. After the polishing, the Dentist in Keansburg assistant will begin to isolate you mouth by using gauze, which will help ensure that your teeth are dry throughout the procedure. Generally, a retractor will be used to keep other parts of your mouth from coming in contact with the whitening solution. The assistant will also place a barrier along your gum line to reduce the contact with the solution. Click here to know more
The Application

After these steps are complete, the Dentist in Keansburg will begin to coat your teeth with the whitening solution. Depending on the office you are having your procedure done in, they will be using either a hydrogen peroxide based solution or a carbamide peroxide solution to whiten your teeth. Almost all of the solutions will require a laser to heat them up so they can take full effect on your teeth. Generally, the solution will stay on your teeth for up to an hour or longer depending on the brand of the solution. Some additional application may be required to reach the desired shade of white.
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