May 9, 2013

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What to Expect When Having a Septic Tank Cleaned

Certain rural areas have septic tank systems due to the lack of a regular connection to a sewer line. The care and maintenance required for septic tanks should be performed regularly. There are simple tips that can be done to prevent the system from malfunctioning. However, it may still become necessary to have the septic tank serviced or cleaned.

For proper upkeep the drainfield should always be diverted from rainwater. If a drainfield becomes bogged down by waste, it can overload the septic tank. Landscaping should be designed to direct the flow of gutter systems and foundation drains away from the area of the tank. Always try to prevent the septic tank system and/or the drainfield from becoming overloaded.

Make immediate repairs to all running water systems such as toilers and faucets if they start to leak. The use of aerators on all faucets is a good way to reduce water consumption. Toilets should also be equipped with some type of displacer to lower the amount of water needed for it to flush. These simple steps will help keep your septic tank in working order and preventing the need for repairs.

Traditionally, a septic will function properly between one to three years depending on the amount of people using the system. However, when a septic tank requires servicing you may notice wet areas beginning to form in your home or standing water above the drainfield. Unclean tanks can also cause the water for your toilets to run slowly or a strong smell. If you notice these issues, it may become necessary to contact a contractor for septic tank cleaning Tampa fl.

Pumping out the septic tank system can take up to four hours and require the services of a backhoe. It’s important to know the location of your septic tank in order to save time and money. However, if you don’t know the location a serviceman may charge a few to locate it. Pay attention of the location of your septic tank once discovered to avoid being charged again the next time.

Once the contractor has cleaned the septic tank, ask for a receipt detailing what services were provided. The receipt should list the total amount of gallons pumped, number of compartments serviced, condition of septic tank and any other work provided

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