Nov 12, 2014

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What to Expect When Contacting a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Monroe County

As your family members age, they may not be able to adequately care for themselves. When this happens, the only option may be to move them to a nursing home. While you trust they will provide your loved one with respect and dignity, there could be situations that arise to cause you to suspect abuse. While your first instinct may be to take matters into your own hands, this is not a good idea. A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Monroe County will be there to represent you with cases of this nature and ensure you follow all laws to get the most favorable outcome possible. Here is what you can expect when you hire an attorney to represent you.

Initial Investigation

The key to getting a successful outcome is having proof of the abuse your loved one is sustaining. An attorney will be able to access records not available to the general public, and this information can help prove your case. Don’t think you can get a resolution without proof. Let an attorney give validity to your case so you can get your loved one the restitution they deserve.

Settle Out of Court

The nursing home you are suing may want to settle out of court to avoid any bad press. Make sure you have an attorney at the table so they can negotiate on your behalf. Don’t let the attorney representing the defendant bully you into accepting less money than you deserve. An attorney will have your best interest at heart and fight to get you everything you are owed.

Court Representation

If you aren’t able to settle your case out of court, a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Monroe County will go to court with you. If you aren’t familiar with court room proceedings, it is important to have a professional there to guide you through the system. The attorney will file all the required documents and be there to speak on your behalf.

Don’t wait any longer to talk to an attorney about suspected nursing abuse. The team at the Law Offices of Fred Schultz are standing by to help you navigate the tricky waters of abuse allegations. Call them today or click here to investigate more info about how they can help you. Make sure you have someone ready to fight for your rights and get the final outcome you or your loved one deserve.

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