Nov 22, 2017

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What to Expect Out of a Crewed Charter

What to Expect Out of a Crewed Charter

Whether you are new to chartering or are used to bareboat charters, getting a crewed charter in the USVI can be a different and enjoyable experience all the same. Crews are there to ease your time and make things enjoyable, especially with children or just time between couples.

1. Children or Couples. You need to at first have an understanding of what to expect. When talking to your broker if you are making this trip a family outing or just for you and your partner you need to make this clear to your broker. Different crews, and different boats, work for different folks. Some crewmembers work best with families and small children, others are more geared towards a small group of two or fewer.

2. Expecting the unexpected. Your crew is prepared for all types of situations as well. When you get a crewed charter in the USVI then you can be assured that the crew knows what to expect when the weather turns and how to keep you safe. Even during long trips that you’ve worked out with your broker the crew is there to handle your needs, and your safety. You’ll always be in good hands with a crew whether it’s a romantic retreat or a family holiday.

3. Everything is planned out. Once you’ve discussed your interests with your broker, your broker then brings your plans to your crew. As NYTimes explains the crew has everything prepared for you and your arrival, and if something goes wrong beforehand then you don’t have to worry about that either. Everything is contained within your contract down to near any, seemingly improbable, event. A good crew in a crewed charter in the USVI is a prepared crew.

From getting a charter company, to having a broker, to eventually boarding you yacht with a ready and waiting crew you can be expected to be taken care of. Charter companies have their own specific qualifications and expectations of their staff and crewmembers and it doesn’t matter what type of charter or how long it is. A crew is there to take care of you and your family, your spouse, your romantic partner, or even your company party. Whether it’s for a week or two days, or even just a simple day trip know that you’ll be waited on by quality, prepared staff members picked for your needs.

As a longstanding company within the Virgin Island, Blue Mystic Charters is known for both their quality crewmembers aboard their charters, and for their quality brokers. You’ll work with the best of the best for your vacation, of that you can be assured.

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