What to expect in Aesthetics School

Aesthetics school will introduce you to a whole new level of beauty using procedures that can only be performed by certified estheticians. This is a wonderful career that gives you training steeped in science and you will be able to then work in spas, salons and even cosmetics clinic. It is an ever changing industry with many advances in technology making it a career in which you can constantly be growing and learning.+

What are Aesthetics?

Aesthetics deal with the skin and work with a number of treatments and procedures from chemical peels to laser treatments. When working in aesthetics you can work in many different areas including dermatologists’ offices. Those who apply aesthetic treatments must be certified to use the products and equipment used for skin care and hair removal.

What is required for Success?

As an esthetician you will be required to work in intimate contact with your clients therefore you must be very comfortable with the human body. You must have a scientific mind in order to understand the procedures and equipment and you will discover a number of treatments that will be applied to people of many ages and backgrounds.

What will Aesthetics School Cover?

As an esthetician you will be learning much about the science behind treatments as well as the laws and regulations that keep people safe when undergoing such treatments. You will learn to use many applications that are considered advanced skin care treatments which can involve:
*Chemical peels
*Laser hair removal
*Skin rejuvenation
*Sometimes minor vascular treatments

There are many treatments that use advanced technology allowing estheticians to become more involved in science and medical training to be more effective in their jobs. You will have to learn about the safe use and application of equipment and products. Because these treatments are regulated by the government you will also be trained in safe practice including hygiene and sterilization as required.

Training will include the application of high end treatments such as photofacials. Facial treatments will also require special training such as chemical peels and their safe use and application will be key to your training. You will have to understand different skin types, the makeup and function of the skin and how it varies from client to client. You will also be trained on both facial and body treatments.

Aesthetics offers an advanced career in the beauty industry and can prove to be very lucrative due to the specialized nature of the products and tools you will be using.

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