Dec 3, 2013

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What to Expect if You Have to Get Braces in Manassas

If you have an over bite, under bite, or crooked teeth your dentist refer you to an orthodontist. An orthodontist specializes in misalignment of the teeth and, depending on your particular situation, may recommend you get braces. If you have to get Braces in Manassas, the entire experience can be made less stressful if you educate yourself on what to expect during the process.

An orthodontist, such as Gainesville Orthodontics, will first examine your teeth. They also will probably take impressions of your teeth and x-rays as well. Then they will come up with a treatment plan. There are many different types of braces including the traditional and more well known metal braces plus the newer “invisible” braces, termed Invisalign. Your orthodontist will help you decide which one will best suit your needs.

Traditional metal braces are made up of a few different components. There will be small metal brackets that are bonded to the front of each tooth. Wires are attached to these brackets and help to align your teeth into the proper position. There are also other different parts to metal braces including spacers, springs, and rubber bands. All of these work together to give you a perfect smile.

Another option for Braces in Manassas is to choose the Invisalign treatment. These are clear, removable teeth aligners. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and from that impression will have a number of different clear aligners made. You will need to wear these aligners, much like a retainer, to realign your teeth. While there are no metal components with Invisalign, this option is only suitable for certain types of misalignment. Your orthodontist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

Regardless of the type of braces you get, you will need to visit your orthodontist for regular checkups and adjustments. The amount of time braces must be left on the teeth will vary for each person. On average, braces are normally left on anywhere from one to three years. Once it has been determined the treatment is complete, your orthodontist will remove the metal braces. For Invisalign patients, you simply stop wearing the mouth piece. Sometimes you may have to wear a retainer to help your teeth “remember” their new position. Soon enough, you will have the beautiful smile you have always wanted.



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