Feb 1, 2017

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What to Expect from a Shoulder Impingement Operation

What to Expect from a Shoulder Impingement Operation

Individuals with shoulder issues oftentimes endure severe discomfort in their shoulder and all surrounding spaces. A common issue is shoulder impingement syndrome, a situation in which the rotator cuff will impinge on a part of the shoulder as the shoulder lifts. Usually, medical professionals first attempt conservative treatment like medication and physical therapy, yet if not successful, individuals might require shoulder impingement surgery. An operation might be open or laparoscopic, depending upon the seriousness of the issue, yet many individuals may go home the very same day. Within the period of recovery, the patient usually will require physical therapy.

The actual surgical procedure of a shoulder impingement is a shoulder decompression. Typically, surgeons do the treatment on an outpatient basis and individuals get to return home the exact same day. Individuals can’t drink or eat the evening before surgery due to anesthesia. Also, many surgeons require individuals to have bloodwork the previous day to rule out any underlying medical problems.

To perform the surgery, a surgeon will use a microscopic scope or camera to search inside the patient’s shoulder and assess the extent of their damage. If he or she can, the surgeon inserts the instruments via a small incision and uses the camera for direction. Other times, an individual will have to have open surgery in order to repair the impingement.

The surgeon may release the impingement by extracting the acromion, bone spur, or swollen ligament which is causing the issue. Occasionally, a fluid-filled sack or bursa has become wedged between the rotator cuff and the shoulder, and it also might be extracted.

After surgery, our Shoulder Surgeon in Oklahoma City places the person’s arm inside a sling to wear for a couple of weeks. The surgical team monitors the person in the recovery room for a couple hours then allows her or him to return home. The surgeon might prescribe pain medicine or an anti-inflammatory for a patient to consume.

People who’ve undergone shoulder impingement surgery might have to remove the bandages on a daily basis to check for infection and clean the wound. Indications of infection involve redness, drainage, and swelling from the incision site. Additional symptoms might involve running a fever in conjunction with extreme pain and numbness.

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