Jul 15, 2013

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What To Expect From A Eye Clinic St Paul MN Service

An eye clinic St Paul MN is a clinic that provides a wealth of services related to total eye care. Among these services are diagnosis of eye conditions and vision, Lasik surgery, and treatment options. If you have experiences issues with your vision or are concerned with possible eye conditions, you should schedule an appointment to have your eyes examined.

Diagnostics and Testing

An eye doctor performs diagnostics and testing for several conditions found within the eyes. Among them are glaucoma, cataracts, and vision problems. Testing for these conditions are the only way to discover such conditions before they become significantly worse. An eye doctor performs these tests during a routine eye examination. It is recommended that all individuals should have an eye examination at least once every two years.

Vision Problems

An eye exam will additionally determine the severity of vision problems. These conditions may require that the eye doctor prescribe either eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. Most eye care providers offer a wide assortment of options from which to choose. You may also opt to receive both eyeglasses and contact lenses. Colored and extended wear contact lenses are available for most patients.

Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery is a laser-based surgery used to improve vision. Anyone who is diagnosed as near or farsighted is eligible for this procedure. However, some vision conditions are too severe to treat with this surgery alone. You should consult your preferred eye care professional to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.


An eye doctor is experienced in the treatment of most eye conditions and diseases. However, at extensive stages of eye diseases, you may be required to visit a specialist to perform treatments or surgery to repair the damage. Most eye conditions that are discovered early are typically treatable within your preferred eye doctor’s office.

Scheduling an Appointment

An eye clinic St Paul MN typically requires that you schedule an appointment for an eye examination. Some establishments do, however, see patients on a walk-in basis. To determine whether an appointment is required by your preferred professional you should call their office directly.


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