Jan 15, 2015

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What To Expect From A Car Accident Attorney

It makes little difference to those involved in an auto accident as to how big or how small it was or whether there were injuries or not, the fact is that any auto accident is a traumatic experience for most. The laws that apply to auto accidents can be extremely confusing to a layperson; this is especially true when it comes to assigning blame. It is quite understandable that if you find yourself as one of those involved in the accident you are wondering if you need to involve Chicago car accident attorneys or not.

When is an attorney a must?

If the accident resulted in anything more than minor scrapes and bruises or damage to your automobile or even more importantly, if the police claim the accident was your fault and you have a different opinion, then you definitely need to consult with a car accident attorney. Fault, short and long term medical care, pain and suffering are all issues that throw up many questions that are not all that easy to answer, especially for someone not intimate with the law as it applies to auto accidents. In cases like this you must have a seasoned attorney at your side, someone who knows the law and knows how to employ it and someone who can fully explain precisely what your legal rights are; equally as important, an attorney knows how to deal with insurance companies, notorious for not wanting to pay any more than the minimum

Situations where you might need an attorney:

If there are nothing but minor injuries and very little property damage and there is absolutely no doubt about who was at fault you might get away without having to engage a lawyer. The issue is the word “minor”, this is a word that can mean different things to different people, in this case it is delivered in the context that there were no injuries of consequence, they were handled quickly and with no effect and the damage is no more than $1,000. In situations like this getting a fair settlement from the insurance company should not be a problem and agreement with the other party that you will be compensated for the damage your car received and any small medical bills that you incurred. Even in cases like this where the damage is slight and there is no injury of consequences, if the other party refuses to cooperate you should go ahead and hire Chicago car accident attorneys.

You should always see an attorney if you have any questions that you cannot answer yourself. In cases like this the attorney knows exactly how to handle the situation and to negotiate the best possible settlement under the circumstances.

Other than the simplest of “fender benders” you are advised to hire Chicago car accident attorneys to represent your interests. You are invited to discuss your situation with the attorneys at the Shea Law Group. Visit us at Shea Law Group

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