Nov 11, 2013

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What to Expect During Pet Grooming in Brentwood

If you have a dog, Pet Grooming Brentwood should be a part of his or her overall routine. Some people choose to trim their dog’s fur the DIY way, but other dog owners choose to hire a professional groomer. If you’ve never taken your dog to the groomer’s before, you can read on to learn about some different cuts and styles that suit a variety of dog breeds.

The Puppy Cut

Just as is true for humans, there are a variety of fur styles your dog can get. The “teddy bear” or puppy cut is the most commonly requested from groomers. The puppy cut involves taking most of the fur off of your dog’s body, leaving his or her legs and head full and round (reminiscent of a teddy bear).

The Poodle Cut

There are a number of breed-specific cuts for poodles because of their curly, dense hair. The cut you’ll see on show dogs was originated by hunters, who trimmed their dogs’ fur to allow them to easily swim while keeping their joints and organs warm. Dog shows are becoming more popular, and people want their dogs to look like those they see in the ring.

What to Expect During a Grooming Session

Whether you’re taking your dog to the groomer’s for the first time, or you’ve done it many times before, you should first talk to your groomer so you’ll know what to expect while your dog is in their care. Depending on the groomer you choose, a regular session will likely include a bath, an eye and ear cleaning, a belly shave and a trim for the feet and bangs.

Avoiding a Bad Haircut

Bring in a photo of the cut you want. You might have an idea of what you want your dog’s fur to resemble, but groomers can’t read your mind. With a photo, it will be easy to tell the groomer just what you want.

Don’t be afraid to let go. It may be scary the first time, but your dog can pick up on your emotions–and you don’t want him or her to be nervous or excited during the grooming session Brentwood. Your dog’s appearance after a grooming session is a reflection of the shop’s professionalism and talent, and by choosing Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, you can ensure that your dog looks good each time.

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