Jun 2, 2014

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What to Expect During an Appointment for Hair Extensions in Phoenix

Your hair is one of the first things people see when they meet you, and can help you set a great first impression. If you have hair that you aren’t proud of, and feel you need help to make it look and feel more full, and need length to help you get the perfect style, then you should consider getting Hair Extensions Phoenix. You can have extensions woven into your existing hair so you are the only one who has to know that you are using them. Before you rush out and have extensions installed, make sure you properly prepare for your appointment. Use the following tips to make your appointment go as smoothly as possible.

Preparing for the Appointment

The stylist who installs your extensions will need to work on your hair when it is clean and is not full of product. Make sure you thoroughly clean your hair so the technician can start as soon as you arrive. You should also make sure you free your schedule for several hours so you can be present for the entire session and get the best results possible.

Extension Length

Think about how long you want your hair to be after having Hair Extensions Phoenix installed. If you have specific style you are aiming for in mind, take pictures of that with you so the stylist can choose the best extensions for your specific purposes. Extensions can vary greatly in length and size, and it is important to get the ones that will last you for the longest amount of time possible.

After Procedure Instructions

Be sure you discuss the proper way to care for your new extensions with the stylist who installs them. Depending on the brand you use, it may be recommended to only use certain products for cleansing. Not following directions properly can cause your extensions to age prematurely, and not give the look and feel that you desire.

Don’t let your hair be a source of embarrassment for you any longer. If you are ready to gain control of your appearance and get the hair you deserve, contact Donte’s of New York. No matter the look you are striving for, they can help make it a reality. Call them today to schedule your appointment, and get the beautiful, lush head of hair that you deserve.

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