What To Expect During A Turf Lawn Installation Service In Ashburn VA

While the idea of planting grass appeals to many homeowners, there is a vast number who dread the thought of how long it will take to achieve an established lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Fortunately, turf is a viable option that will turn any dirt area into a breathtaking yard that is the perfect place for children and pets to play. The following is a quick look at what is involved with a turf Lawn Installation Service in Ashburn VA and helps a homeowner prepare for the process.

Ground Preparation

After testing the soil to determine that it is the right pH level, the next step is to use a rototiller to dig up any debris, such as rocks. Once unwanted items have been removed, the final step is to till in a mixture of topsoil and peat moss, which helps provide additional nutrients to the new root system in the sod. Finally, level out the dirt by dragging a rake over the top of it until it is smooth, which allows the sod to develop a root system more efficiently.

Install the Turf

The next step is to install the turf, which involves rolling it out. Be sure the seams between the sections of sod are minimal, and if pieces need to be cut for them to fit, then it may be helpful to use a carpet knife. Smaller pieces may be cut later to help fill in any gaps or other seams that are visible after installation.

Roll and Water

To complete turn Lawn Installation Service in Ashburn VA, apply pressure to the sod by using a lawn roller. In addition to encouraging growth at the roots, it also helps create more secure seams. Once the turf has been rolled, the last step is to water it using a sprinkler system, and water should be applied every two days unless rain occurs.

Sod is a great way to give any outdoor area a breathtaking makeover. Premier Turf Farms offers a vast selection of grass types and provides installation services. Find more information by checking out their website or call today to schedule a sod delivery and take the first step in revitalizing any yard space.

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