Feb 2, 2021

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What to Expect at a Nail Salon in Jacksonville, FL

What to Expect at a Nail Salon in Jacksonville, FL

It is amazing that something as simple as a good manicure can make you feel rejuvenated and pulled together. The best part is knowing that this little bit of luxury can actually be beneficial to your health as well. Nail polish can protect and even nourish the nails when the right products are used, and the hand massage given during manicures can improve circulation and help to calm people after a stressful day.

When you go to a Nail Salon in Jacksonville, FL there are different types of manicures to choose from. If you are a novice to the world of manicures, you may be confused as to what you really want. Here is a little information to help you choose.

A basic manicure will involve a hand soak to help push back cuticles and condition the skin. The nails will be trimmed into the style you prefer, and a hand massage performed. Once you choose your color a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat will be applied. Your hands will be placed under a heater to allow the nails to dry.

A French manicure will include all of the steps in a basic manicure prior to having the polish applied. For the polish, a light, neutral shade will be painted across the entire nail. This is usually either a beige or light pink and the nail tips are painted a solid white. A Reverse French manicure is exactly what it sounds like, with a light polish on the base of the nails and a dark shade at the tips.

If your hands are very dry the manicurist may suggest a paraffin treatment. This is when a warm paraffin wax is used to soften the skin. Additional lotions or oils may also be massaged in either before the wax is added or after the paraffin has been removed.

There are numerous additions and extras which can be offered at a nail salon in Jacksonville, FL. There are various types of polish types and decorative features which your nail artist can offer. During your first visit you may want to keep it simple, but if you are feeling daring, there is no end to the creativity which is possible. Contact Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa to know more.

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