May 11, 2013

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What to Do When Your Air Conditioning Unit Freezes Over

In the heat of the summer, the last thing anyone wants is for their air conditioning unit to stop working because it froze over. It can be really frustrating to need to call in someone who does Ac Repair Cypress Tx. Problems with the unit will most certainly not develop at a convenient time but there are some basic maintenance things you and the professionals can do to avoid freezing over.

Having an air conditioning unit freeze over is a fairly common issue. Taking care of your unit will keep it running smoothly. The first area you can check is the air flow. All air conditioning units have air filters to help keep the air clean by pulling particles out through a filter before the air circulates through the unit and the air ducts. If the filters become too blocked and full of particles, the air will not circulate to the unit and air won’t pass through properly which will cause the coils to freeze. Changing the air filters monthly will help. Another common problem that can arise and causes freezing is when the refrigerant gets low or when it isn’t changed properly. Only a professional can change the refrigerant so it is best to call someone in the Ac Repair Cypress Tx business once a year to check the refrigerant and change it as necessary.

If the unit is freezing and thawing regularly it might mean that a coil is dirty. This is another job that a professional needs to take care of. An air conditioning technician can clean or replace a dirty coil. Keeping track of the problem before making a call to a professional air conditioning repair houston will help them properly diagnose the issue. Take notes on what happens when the air conditioning unit feezes up. Write down what time the issue starts and what the temperature is as well. Turn the unit off for a while and keep track of how long it takes it to thaw out again. Take stock of whether or not the air is cool enough when the air conditioner is not frozen. Having these notes handy will help get the problem resolved more quickly.

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