Feb 26, 2015

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What To Do If You Receive Injuries In An Automobile Accident

What To Do If You Receive Injuries In An Automobile Accident

If you were involved in an auto accident and obtained injuries as a result, you may consider suing the negligent driving in court to receive compensation. In the majority of cases you are better off settling the issue out of court, as it is a much faster and safer route. The spectacular auto accidents that appear in the press and on TV often head to court but the truth is, most auto accident cases are settled out of court. Even though the case will not see the inside of a courtroom does not mean you can deal with it independently; you are best served when you have an auto accident lawyer in Chicago to guide you and work on your behalf. Let’s have a quick look at both available options; going to court and settling out of court.

Settling out of court:

There are some specific advantages to settling out of court;

* Faster route to completion and compensation
* Reduction in legal fees
* Avoid multiple court appearances
* Avoid a jury decision that does not favor you

Before heading to court there is a primary question which must be answered; if you go to court and loose and are not granted any compensation does it outweigh the difference between settling out of court and the value of the claim?

Your auto accident lawyer in Chicago will begin the negotiations by sending a demand letter to the defendant and the defendant’s insurance company. The letter will be supported by real evidence that the lawyer has be able to gather including the police report, hospital bills, doctors bills and receipts for prescription medicines. Depending on the timing, it may take a couple of months to gather the evidence but when it is and the demand letter is sent this is the beginning of settlement talks which usually result in an agreeable award.

Going to court:

If your lawyer thinks that taking the case to court is the preferred approach; perhaps the defendants insurance company simply will not agree any decent settlement, then you can conclude that you are facing an injustice and you demand your day in court.

Your auto accident lawyer in Chicago will file the case with the appropriate court and the lawyer will see to it that the complaint is served on the other parties involved. After 20 days you can expect the other party to replay to the charges. After discovery, depositions are scheduled and eventually a court date is set. During the course of the trial the jury will hear both sides of the story and make their decision based on the merits of the case as they see them.

As you can see this entire procedure is very time consuming and considerably more expensive.For more information visit the site www.shealawgroup.com

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