Feb 26, 2016

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What to do if you Drop your Cell Phone in Water

What to do if you Drop your Cell Phone in Water

If your cell phone falls in the water, it often is salvageable with the assistance of cell phone repair services in Friendswood. However, time is of the essence; therefore, step one includes getting the cell phone out of the water as soon as you can.

Remove Battery

After getting the cell phone out of the water, step two includes immediately removing the battery, without hesitating to turn the power off. It decreases the risk of a short circuit which might render the phone useless. Using a towel, dry the battery and it set aside to thoroughly dry.

Take It Apart

According to the advice of our cell phone repair services in Friendswood company,  after removing the battery, dry the cell phone off using an absorbent towel as best as possible. Utilize cotton swabs to soak water up inside crevices and on all exposed, fragile circuits. If you’ve dropped the cell phone in water, it additionally is useful to take it apart, if possible, and allow all the parts to dry separately. Make certain you know how you can put it back together. If it’s a sliding or flip cell phone, leave it open in order to permit for optimal evaporation.

Avoid Mineral Damage

If the cell phone is dropped in water which is not pure or an additional liquid, like a beverage or within salt water, rinse the phone off using fresh water after you’ve removed the battery. After dropping the cell phone in water, a fast rinsing is unlikely to do further damage, yet sugar, salt, or other substances might. Also, you might attempt to give the phone an alcohol bath. Alcohol displaces microscopic substances and minerals and aids in fluid evaporation. If it’s available, use an alcohol concentration of 95% instead of rubbing alcohol, which typically has a 70% concentration.

Allow It to Dry

After the phone is clean, leave it within a dry, warm space or close to the AC for a minimum of three days prior to attempting to replace the battery then turn it on. It’s extremely important, because even though you might think you’ve completely dried it, the smallest of moisture has the ability to react with the battery, as well as cause it to short circuit. Placing the cell phone into a container that is full of dry rice grains will also help it to dry out. Be certain the rice fully covers your phone.

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