Sep 5, 2014

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What to Consider when Selecting Vision Systems

No matter what you are inspecting, vision technology is becoming more and more common in all types of industries. Machine vision can be used to help control the quality of the final goods produced and aids in eliminating the factor of human error. However, before you select web inspection systems, consider the following factors to ensure you find equipment that meets your particular needs.

Keep the Software Simple

For a number of visual inspections, the software that is used can be the difference in successful or unsuccessful integration with your existing equipment. If you have software that is programmed or configured incorrectly, it can cost much more time to ensure inspections are done properly. It is a good idea to test out a smaller group of images with the software to ensure it meets your inspection standards, prior to working on a larger library of images. This will save you frustration and time down the road.

Integrating a Scalable System

Is the machine you are considering using able to be configured to meet your needs now, as well as in the future? You need to ensure that as your inspection requirements change, the equipment you purchase will be able to adapt to these changes and perform as expected.

Standards for Digital Imaging

This is no secret, the industry is quickly moving away from all types of analog technology and now beginning to fully embrace the digital era. There are a number of imaging standards you can choose from and the right one for you will depend on your specific needs. No matter if you are seeking a lower cost option or higher resolution, the latest digital imaging equipment that is available will help you achieve the very best measurements for your inspection process.

Considerations for the Camera or Screen

No two vision systems are created equally. You need to determine what your conditions and goals are in order to find the proper type of image sensor or camera. Be sure to consider all of the available options so you can locate the proper one for your needs.

Using these considerations you can feel confident you have found the proper vision or web inspection system for your product. When this equipment is integrated successfully you can eliminate human error and provide higher quality products to your customers, leaving them more satisfied and more likely to continue doing business with you.

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