What to Consider When Hiring a Bail Bondsman in Glendale, AZ

When you or a family member are arrested, it can be a particularly stressful time. Most people don’t know where to turn in this situation. The first logical step is to contact a bail bondsman to secure a release from jail. Yet, before doing so, you should make sure you know what you are getting into.

Understand What Bail is About

Before considering hiring a bail bondsman in Glendale, AZ, make sure you comprehend what it means. When you hire a bail bondsman, you are essentially signing a contract that certifies that you will attend your court dates. If you fail to do so, the bail can be revoked, and you could be subject to a warrant. Make sure you are prepared to commit to this promise beforehand.

The Release Time

Most people are mainly concerned with getting out of jail as soon as possible. When looking for a bail bondsman Glendale, AZ, you need to realize that there are several factors at play. Hiring a bail bondsman does not necessarily guarantee a speedy release. It will depend on the court process, and the terms set for bail. A knowledgeable bail bondsman can probably give you a reasonable time frame of when you can expect to be released.

Knowing the Costs

There is no such thing as a “get out of jail for free” card. Thus, hiring a bail bondsman in Glendale, AZ, will come with a cost. Therefore, it is important to know the costs before signing a contract. Check to see what the agency charges before you sign. Most agencies base their fee on a certain percentage of the total bail amount.

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