Apr 21, 2015

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What to Consider when Costing a Roof Replacement

When you do not take proper care of your roof with regular roof repairs in Edmonton you can allow a small issue to become a very serious one. When you pay attention to the maintenance and care of your roof you can continue to depend on the odd roof repair as opposed to having to invest in a brand new roof. However it is just a matter of time you will have to consider investing in a new roof. Here are some of the considerations that will affect the cost.

Check List of Costing
Your roof installation estimate will include:

•  Square meters covering the surface of your roof including additional roofing for bay windows, etc.
Roof slope
•  Complexity of your roof design such as peaks and valleys from gables
•  How many layers of shingles on your roof to determine removal in the cost
•  Cost of materials including the shingles, underlayment and any accessories you might need
•  Waste for custom cutting
•  Roof ventilation
•  Flashing
•  Labour and overhead including time allotted to clean and dispose of trash
•  Mark up of materials and man hours

Expensive Details
As with any home improvement project there will be many variances on the cost of your roofing installation. The main considerations will include the architecture of your home and the need for specialty materials to maintain a certain look and design. The complexity of your roof will also add to the cost including design details such as dormers or specialty shingles in metal or cedar. You will find there are affordable materials available, but they might not be suited to your design needs. There are also higher quality materials and lower quality materials. When it comes to your roof you want to go for the best quality you can afford to get more bang for your buck.

Other Considerations
A roofing company will look at a number of factors to come up with the final cost. They will consider additional work such as having to remove existing shingles, versus being able to shingle over the existing roof. Specialty cutting might be required if you have awkward slopes or interesting features on your home. More dips mean more flashing which will also see your costs add up.

If your roof is beyond repair and it is time to consider a new roof it is in your best interests to understand the costs involved so there are no surprises!

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