Dec 15, 2016

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What to Consider when Choosing Glasses Frames in New York City

What to Consider when Choosing Glasses Frames in New York City

Finding the right Glasses Frames in New York City can be quite the challenge. After all, there so many color, style, shape and size considerations that they may seem endless. However, the decision process can be made easier when a person has a few tips and suggestions to use as a guide.

Find Contrasting Frames

The shape of the Glasses Frames in New York City that are chosen should contrast with the shape of the wearer’s face. This means if a person has rounder features, then they will want to choose glasses that are more angular. Also, if a person has angular features, they can soften them by choosing curved frames.

Proportion of the Frames

Generally speaking, a person should find glasses frames that are proportional to the rest of their face. This is different when shopping for sunglasses. After all, most sunglasses are typically larger, which provide better coverage and protection. However, just because a frame option looks great for sunglasses, it doesn’t mean the same is true for regular glasses.

Frame Color

Select a color that compliments the wearer’s features. Black is the right option for outlining and highlighting the eyes. Choosing glasses that contrast the tone of a person’s face and hair can help to stand out more. However, it is important to consider how much of a statement that the person wants to make with their glasses.

Shape of the Wearer’s Face

The shape of a person’s face makes choosing glasses a bit more complicated. Some general guidelines to follow include:

* Choose rimless and aviators styles for heart shaped faces

* Choose rounded and oval shaped rectangles for square-shaped faces

* Choose decorative and taller frames for narrow faces

* Rectangular frames are ideal for round faces

* Cat eye and half-rim shapes for trapezoidal faces

When it comes to choosing eyeglass frames, there are more than a few options to consider. More information about this selection can be found by talking with the staff from Charlotte Jones Opticians. Being informed is the best way to get the right glasses for the person’s face and their own personal tastes.

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