May 3, 2013

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What to Consider When Buying Water Heaters Bethesda

Water heaters are an essential component of buildings as they ensure that hot water is available for use in different areas when needed. It is important for you to invest in a good water heater in Bethesda. Water Heaters Bethesda are available in different makes and models from many companies that deal with the sale of water heaters. You need to make sure that you choose the water heater that best serves your needs. Make sure to purchase a water heater from a reputable company that has great experience with them.

When choosing the water heater of choice, you need to consider several things. These will help you in making the right choice. The things to consider are:

The unit’s First hour rate (FHR)

The FHR is the amount of hot water that the water heaters Bethesda can produce within the first hour. This needs to be proportional to your water needs.

The unit’s fuel efficiency

It is important to consider the efficiency of the conversion of fuel energy to hot water. Bigger fuel efficiency means that the water heater is reliable.

Fuel type

You need to consider the type of fuels that is in use. Water heaters Bethesda can use natural gas, solar, oil, propane or electricity and you need to choose the fuel type that suits you best.


The cost of the heater is very important because you need to invest in a water heater that you can afford without much strain. Work within your budget.


There are different brands of water heaters Bethesda. Buy the brand of choice especially based on the performance and reliability.

There are different types of water heaters Bethesda. These can be categorized as follows

Solar heater

These are the most energy efficient water heaters.

Storage tank water heaters

These heat the water in the storage tank, for use when needed.

Electric heat pump heaters

These are known as hybrid water heaters and are the most energy efficient electric water heaters.

Tankless water heaters

These save energy as they heat water when it is needed.

Gas condensing heaters

Of all gas water heaters, these are the most efficient.

Point-of-use heaters

Known as instantaneous water heaters, these provide instant hot water to specific showers or sink

Water heaters in Bethesda are of great help in ensuring that you get hot water when you need it. Invest wisely in a heater that meets your specific needs. Get latest updates on Facebook!



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