What To Consider Before You Replace Your Water Heater

The water heaters in our homes can often be found in infrequently visited corners of our homes. As is often the case with many appliances in our homes, water heaters are often easily forgotten until they stop working for us. And we usually don’t know they aren’t working anymore until you end up taking a surprise cold shower. When you do end up taking a cold shower, it’s not often clear whether or not water heater replacement in San Diego is the obvious answer to your problem. Maybe your issue is something that can be remedied with a simple repair. There are three items to consider as you try to decide if complete water heater replacement is in the near future for you. These items are your budget, the age of your water heater, and the condition your existing water heater is in.

When your water heater has a difficult time heating water or you run out of hot water very quickly, you will want to take your water heater’s age into consideration. The average life span of a conventional residential water heater is approximately 13 years. Of course, this estimate can depend a lot on the type of water you have in your area. Some areas with extremely hard water can lead to more frequent water heater replacement, San Diego. If your water heater is in the 10-13 year old range, it might actually save you money in the long run to replace your water heater. The reason for this is because newer water heaters are much more efficient and the cost to run them can actually save you money over the life of the appliance.

Over extended periods of time, the minerals in water react with the steel of the water tank, leading to corrosion. This corrosion can cause leaks in the tank, and force you to look into water heater replacement in San Diego. Newer water heaters not only can save you up to 20 percent in energy costs, but many have glass lined tanks which help prolong the life of the tank by discouraging corrosion.

There are also a wider variety of water heater systems available today than ever before. Conventional water heaters usually cost around $500-$1500 for the unit, and there are now tankless, solar and heat pump heaters for you to choose from. Many of these unconventional options offer federal tax savings on top of what you’d save from energy costs. Some of the unconventional options may cost more up front than a conventional water heater, however, what you’d save in the life of the appliance, coupled with the federal tax savings, is so significant that it makes it worth it for many homeowners.

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