Nov 13, 2014

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What Should You Do About Flood Damage in NYC?

Floods can be caused by nature or by water leaks in your home. When a flood strikes, the water can leave behind a myriad of problems. Water is one of the most destructive forces your home can experience. Not only does it destroy the structural stability of your home, but it can also leave your family in danger. If your home has experienced Flood Damage in NYC, it is crucial you call for remediation services right away. The remediation team can come out and remove the water from your home, also removing any dangers to your family.

The first step in dealing with a flood is to cut off your electricity. Water and electricity mixing can lead to severe injury or even death. No matter how deep the water is, make sure you turn off the electricity to your home until an electrician can inspect your premises and ensure it is safe.

It is a good idea to remove any valuables, keepsakes or important documents as soon as possible so these are not damaged by the water. Move any important pieces to an upper level or outside of your home if you only have one floor. If any items are wet, they will need to be air dried as soon as possible to help avoid permanent damage.

When the remediation team comes out, they will need full access to the flooded area. Make sure your pets and children stay clear of these areas, as they could be dangerous. Large pumps will be used to remove the water from your home so the cleanup process can begin.

Once the water and dirt have been removed, it is important your home is checked for mold and mildew growth, since these can both be detrimental to your family’s health. The remediation team will control the humidity in your home and make sure all sources of mold and mildew growth are properly removed.

If you have experienced Flood Damage in NYC, contact Maspeth Environmental Corp of NYC. They will work with you and your insurance company, to make sure the waters and removed from your home and it is restored to normal. Call today for your appointment.

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