Dec 17, 2018

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What Should Be In A Commercial Cleaning Contract?

What Should Be In A Commercial Cleaning Contract?

As the owner of a business, you may have investigated hiring a company that does commercial cleaning in Elizabeth NJ. During your investigation you will probably find a wide variety of services that commercial cleaners offer. Not only are the services varied, there are differences in the contracts that are offered as well. What are the differences in cleaning contacts and how to you determine which one is the best option for your business?

Commercial cleaning contracts:

Like most contracts a commercial cleaning contract specifies exactly what cleaning services are to be given, the intervals at which the services will be given and what services are considered as a standard offer? There are services which form part of the contract but they are not required on an on-going basis, a good example would be steam cleaning the carpets or perhaps it does not form part of the contract at all, it is service that you know is available and you avail of it on an “as needed” basis. All the services that you need and the intervals will be laid out in the contract.

Most companies that offer commercial cleaning in Elizabeth NJ like to enter into contracts that have at least one year’s duration. In many cases the company will offer a discount on the services if the contract is for two or three years. Before you enter into an extended contract make sure you are one hundred percent sure of what your cleaning needs are. You would be wise to check around to find out what the prevailing rates are in your area s well as the terms of various contracts.

What should be written in the contract?

As a professional cleaning company the company you are considering should be able to show you evidence of the insurance they carry as well as their license to do business. In the event there is an accident or significant damage done while the cleaners are on site you want to know that the cleaning company is liable, not you.

The services that you need must be clearly stated in the contract. Before you sign the contract make sure it is complete, including the prices of add-hock services such as window cleaning and carpet shampooing which are usually not a part of the daily cleaning demands.

Commercial cleaning in Elizabeth NJ is a competitive business and many companies will fight for your business using price as their lever. Price is often not the issue when choosing a company to enter your building when it is unoccupied; it is their reputation that counts most. Ask the company that you are considering for the names of a few clients that you can contact to confirm the honesty, integrity and trustworthiness of the company before you sign the contract. Visit the site for more information.

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