Nov 16, 2013

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What should be considered when purchasing dinnerware?

Purchasing dinnerware for the home can become quite a task as the options are overwhelming. Dinnerware is a household necessity of course but it is one of the items in a home that conveys the taste and style of the homeowner. When setting out to buy bone china dinnerware or dinnerware made from any material the wise shopper will take into account the anticipated use, the size, the cost and the method to care for it.

One of the principal things to take into account when buying dinnerware is how it will be used. Dinnerware in most homes is thought of as that used for everyday purposes and the formal bone china dinnerware that is often reserved for formal meals. Although there is dinnerware available that strikes a happy medium and can be used for all occasions, most homes have two sets; one for everyday use and the other which is brought out for holiday meals and other special occasions.

Once the decision has been made regard use the next thing to consider is the size and the place settings that will be required. China cupboards and buffets have limited depth to the shelves, it is important that this be measured before the dinnerware is purchased. Even though you may be replacing an existing set which sat nicely on your shelves does not mean the new one will if it the plates are larger in diameter. Also consider the number of place settings that you think you need, needless to say the greater the number the more space that will be required and the accessory items such as serving plates, sugar bowl, creamer, etc also have to be taken into account.

Budget is next. Common casual dinnerware is less expensive than formal bone china. Full place settings can challenge the budget, casual dinnerware in particular is usually available by the piece and in many cases people will opt not to purchase tea cups and saucers for example and simply buy dinner plates, bowls and dessert plates as well as serving dishes.

Unfortunately dinnerware eventually gets broken or chipped. Many people either avoid purchasing close out items or they purchase excess which can be stored elsewhere in the event of breakage.



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