Nov 1, 2011

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What Services Do Landscape Architects Offer?

Any large landscape development project needs the participation of several groups. One of the foremost of these is landscape architects. Whether it comes to getting a green signal for a project, making sure it complies with the necessary regulations, to ensuring it has an effective design that can adapt to changing needs, landscape architects form the core of a land development scheme. Whenever you see a well-designed land development project that works, you would know that landscape architecture had a role to play.

Landscape architects offer a whole host of services for their clients. Here are some of the services that quality landscape architects offer:

Zoning coordination

Whenever a large land development project is planned, a whole lot of issues are involved. This includes everything from a thorough knowledge of local land laws, state regulations and permits,   to the amount of green space and floor area required. What you need are landscape architects who make sure that the project plan complies with the regulations. Architects also need to have the ability to work closely with local authorities to make sure the project gets the necessary permits to proceed.

Site analysis

This is a research-oriented process that is closely aligned with urban planning. In this process, the fundamentals involved in the land development project are closely examined. Landscape architects may consider issues such as local climate, man-made formations in the area, and the neighborhood of the project.

Urban planning

Planning a civic project is a huge multi-facted task in which architects have a role to play. They take into account factors such as the population of an area, the land layout, the local civic requirements, and the local geography and topography. So many issues are inter-connected in urban planning that a successful urban project is not complete without it.

Designing streetscapes

This is a critical part of civic planning, and one of the chief tasks of landscape architects. Based on the street layout they structure and plan, the entire character of a neighborhood may develop. When architects do streetscape planning, they take into account everything from the green cover, to the lighting of the street, to its topography. A succcessful streetscape design needs landscape architects with experience to plan something that would grow with the years to come.

Landscape architects back land development projects with their own vision and inherent sense of design.

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