May 16, 2014

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What Services are offered at the Typical Animal Hospital in Roswell?

When most pet owners think of animal hospitals, the focus is immediately on critical care that is above and beyond that offered by most vets. The fact is that care facilities of this type typically provide a range of services other than emergency care for an animal that is in distress. Here are some examples.

Boarding Services

It is not unusual for an animal hospital in Roswell to offer short-term boarding services. This is especially helpful for owners who must go out of town and have a pet with special needs. For example, if the pet happens to require medication that must be administered at certain times of the day, the staff at the hospital can make sure this happens. In any event, the pet will be cared for and receive plenty of attention while the owner is away.

Dental Care

Attention to dental issues is also something that is found at the local animal hospital. Teeth cleanings and even more intensive dental work will often require that the pet be sedated. By having the work done in this type of medical environment, the pet’s reaction to the sedative is carefully monitored. The nice thing is that the pet will be observed for several hours after the procedure is complete, ensuring that there are no side effects that must be dealt with once the pet is home.

Consultations on Special Needs

Learning that the household pet has a chronic condition like diabetes can be disconcerting to an owner. Fortunately, the professionals at the Animal Hospital Of Nesbit Ferry Crossing have counsellors who can help owners learn more about how to adjust the pet’s diet, administer medication, and even what signs indicate that the pet is experiencing dangerously high or low blood sugar levels. Other types of health ailments can also be discussed with a counsellor.

This includes knowing how to help the pet adjust to a loss of vision or hearing, monitoring the diet in the case of some type of stomach disorder, and even how to ease the pain that comes from severe arthritis. This type of support can go a long way in helping the owner feel equipped to ensure that the pet continues to enjoy a happy life in the years to come. Click Here for more details.

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