Apr 1, 2021

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What Premium Off Campus Student Housing at University Of Florida Offers

What Premium Off Campus Student Housing at University Of Florida Offers

Students looking for off campus student housing near University of Florida seek exciting housing opportunities. While they want practical amenities like in-unit laundry facilities and spacious apartments, they don’t want to settle for less than the best. The best off-campus student housing opportunities not only meet students’ expectations but exceed them. Below are examples of features that students can expect from premium off-campus housing.

Fully-furnished Apartments

College is stressful and the last thing college students want to worry about is furnishing their apartments. Furnished apartments not only ease moving day stress, but it’s also one less expense students have to worry about. Thanks to today’s premium off-campus furnished apartments, college students don’t have to go dumpster diving looking for a cheap couch.


The best off-campus apartments are plug-n-play. What does this mean? It means that there’s no calling the cable company or Internet service provider. These apartments are completely ready to go and allow students to connect to wifi and entertainment immediately.

Per Person Contracts

Although one might have a couple of roommates, off-campus housing that’s designed for students takes a different approach to leasing. Unlike traditional leases, student apartment complexes offer per-person contracts. This means if one’s roommate doesn’t pay their share, the only person who’s at risk of being evicted is that person.


Although many college students living off-campus have vehicles, one of the perks of premium off-campus student housing at University of Florida is a shuttle service. Shuttle service or bus service that runs every 15-20 minutes 24/7 is a great perk and one that should be considered essential.

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