Jan 3, 2014

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What NOT to Say When Prospecting

Ah rejection. It is one of the most certain things in the life of a salesperson after death and taxes. Rejection can be lessened with a little attention to what you say when prospecting. And the best way to learn what to say when prospecting is to remember what NOT to say.

Give them an Out
You really don’t want to give them an out and many sales people make the mistake of thinking if they appear polite with a courteous “Is now a good time?” they will endear themselves to a prospect. But the truth of the matter is in their mind there never is a good time to speak to you so never give them an out by opening with this question.

Repeat Something with Condescension
You spend a lot of time on the phone speaking to people and repeating the same message ad nauseum. But remember this is the first time you have spoken to a prospect so never, never, ever show your frustration with them by starting a sentence to answer a question by saying “As I just said”. If there was ever a few little words that can make a person want to lunge through the phone and strangle you, this would be them. This is very condescending and implies they were not paying attention like a naughty student in a classroom. Be grateful they are interested enough to ask a question to begin with and answer with grace and aplomb even if it is the twentieth time you have had to say it that day.

Defer to Email
So you’ve engaged a prospect on the phone, they are asking questions and your answer is “How ‘bout I just send you an email.” Wrong, wrong, wrong. You are speaking to someone. There is a live voice on the other end of the line and they are asking questions. Answer them and wait with baited breath for the next question. Never get lazy and let them go. Stay with them as long as they are willing and book that appointment to seal the deal.

It’s just three simple tips, but they will last you a lifetime in your sales career. Letting prospects die on the other end of the phone is easy if you use any of the above words.

Doug Dvorak is a sales specialist, humorist and all around good guy.

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