Jan 19, 2017

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What Mobile Paper Shredding in Oklahoma City Can Do for You

What Mobile Paper Shredding in Oklahoma City Can Do for You

Protecting the privacy of company documents through mobile or on-site shredding is a growing trend. Many businesses are taking advantage of these services because they are reliable, affordable, and convenient. And the benefits do not end there, as they are not only in compliance with privacy laws, but also often help the environment by recycling the shredded documents. If you are thinking about using a mobile shredding company, here are some of the great services they offer:

Layers of Security

You can never be too safe when shredding sensitive business documents. Unfortunately, competitors and rivals will often go to great lengths to get their hands on any piece of information that could give them an advantage. Because mobile paper shredding companies recognize this, most will provide layers of security that go beyond just shredding your documents. In order to fully protect your company’s privacy, not only will they shred your paper into tiny pieces, but they will also mix those pieces with other bits of shredded paper that aren’t connected to your business. This prevents anyone who might want to try to piece them together from doing so.

Another great security measure on-site shredding companies provide is legal paperwork that proves that you are in compliance with privacy laws. In the case of any sort of information leak, a written certificate of compliance will prove to be essential, as it allows you to substantiate in writing that you had your documents destroyed.

A Watch-and-See Approach

Besides the extra layers of security mobile paper shredding in Oklahoma City or any other major city can provide is that you will be able to witness the shredding. Being able to watch your documents destroyed can give you an extra bit of comfort. After all, sending your documents off to a company for shredding does not necessarily guarantee they will be destroyed. Watching the act for yourself is usually fast and will give you the peace of mind that only mobile paper shredding can provide.

Efficiency and Affordability

Employing an on-site shredding company will also save your business time and money. You could, of course, have a few employees do your paper shredding, but that often takes hours to accomplish. On-site shredding, on the other hand, takes mere minutes – with massive amounts of documents being destroyed quickly and at your convenience. This process is also quite affordable, with most companies only charging pennies for each pound of documents destroyed.

Environmental Friendliness

Another, perhaps overlooked, benefit to on-site shredding is that many of them guarantee that the paper is recycled. This gives your business something to boast to customers about – because not only do you value their privacy to the point of providing multiple layers of security, you can also prove how much you want to help the environment.

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