Jun 27, 2017

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What Makes STA Law The Best Criminal Lawyers In Dubai

At STA Law, we understand the stress and concern that a criminal charge has on the individual as well as the family. This can be even more pronounced when the individual charged is a foreign investor, worker or tourist and may not understand the system in the UAE that includes Sharia law, which may be completely unknown to foreigners in the country.

Look for Experience

As the criminal law in the UAE is complex, utilizing only an experience firm and an expert legal team for your defense is essential. Taking your time to review the various law firms and choosing an attorney based on past cases represented, the services offered by the firm as well as the reputation of the attorney and the firm will be important.

This is not a time to choose a local attorney who dabbles in many different types of cases and representation. STA Law offers dedicated attorneys focusing on only criminal law in the UAE, giving us the expertise, experience, and understanding of the system to provide the most effective representation and defense.

Meet with the Attorney

Once you have researched different firms and attorneys, we encourage people to come in and meet with our legal experts. We will discuss the issues around your case, examining it for strengths and potential weaknesses. From this meeting, we can also begin to plan your defense, gather evidence to prove innocence and to contact expert witnesses or actual witnesses to the event that can be an affirmative defense to the charges.

At STA Law Firm, our attorneys can represent clients charged with criminal actions in all seven emirates as well as in the federal court system. Start by contacting our offices and setting an appointment; we can discuss your case and plan a strategy is moving forward.

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