Jun 13, 2012

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What Makes Dell Inkjet Cartridges So Popular?

According the figures published after a recent survey, the printer ink cartridges business provides revenues of almost $21 million each year! In this heavily computerized working environment, the demand for accessories like printer cartridges is understandably huge. However, there are smart operators who price their printers affordably and milk the margins out of exorbitantly priced cartridges. Therefore, regenerated versions of established brands like Dell inkjet cartridges are preferred by such businesses.

Original Dell inkjet cartridges can be expensive, by all standards. For those looking to optimize printing costs, suitable compatible replicas are available today. These remanufactured versions are just as good and offer great quality at reduced rates. Refilling cartridges as well as toners is also a common practice these days.

Dell Inkjet Cartridges: Why are they Preferred?

Buying Dell Inkjet cartridges for your regular printing needs is considered advantageous because:

  • Most often, a cartridge would have to be fitted in a real emergency. Your cartridge might finish right in the middle of printing an urgent document. Therefore, the ease of installation is something that needs to be kept in mind. Dell inkjet cartridges are delightfully simple to install and you can get back to work in a jiffy.
  • A compatible Dell cartridge will always be duly tested and certified. Buying from a trusted source will further ensure that you get a tested piece. Printers today are tested on ISO as well as IEC norms, which determine the standard for the printed pages generated by the ink cartridge.
  • Remanufactured printer cartridges are considered profitable and suitable for long term use. They have not been priced to thrive on recurring expenses, as is the case with a few other brands. Moreover, refilling Dell cartridges is also a delightfully simple and low cost option.
  • They are considered to be well suited for versatile and large scale usage.
  • Dell inkjet cartridges entail the promise of true perfection, when it comes to the quality of the printouts generated. They are impeccable and there is no compromise on any of the parameters concerning the final product.

Whether you opt for originals, compatible variants, remanufactured Dell inkjet cartridges or cartridge refills would depend on your budget and preferences. However, it is extremely important to procure them from trusted sources. They should be completely compatible with your printer. Inadequate imitations will certainly have an adverse impact on the quality of printing as well as on the functioning of the printer.


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