Feb 3, 2016

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What Makes a Contemporary Church Different?

What Makes a Contemporary Church Different?

When you think about church services, the common picture that comes to your mind might be one of a solemn congregation who alternatively bow their heads in silent worship, read along with traditional hymns and prayers, and generally stay still and silent. However, this isn’t the way for many churches, and currently, contemporary churches in Jacksonville are beginning to break many of these traditional molds.

The Musical Difference
First and foremost, contemporary worship is largely defined by the use of music. So how does this differ from the traditional music your hear in churches? Contemporary worship involves the use of modern music, often with a full electrical band in house. A worship leader, or a team of worship leaders, will lead the band in song and singing. Often, these worship leaders are musicians or singers themselves, and may have even composed the music that you hear. Services will often begin with several songs, and there may be additional songs throughout the services. Some services consist entirely of music, with only a few spoken segments in between.

Emotional Connection
If you love music, then you already know how much of a profound effect it can have on your mind and your emotions. The connection here is that contemporary music in the church can bring you to a deeper level of spiritual comfort and understanding, thus tapping into your emotions and helping you to feel one with the music as well as the spirit of God. During contemporary worship, you’ll be encouraged, along with the rest of the congregation, to sing, clap, or even dance along with the music. Contemporary worship welcomes the individual methods that each congregation member embraces when it comes to building their personal connections with God.

For many people, contemporary worship offers a way to feel comfortable in the church. Contemporary music is also an excellent draw for younger members of the congregation, and can bring more younger people into the church, thus encouraging growth, diversity, and the potential of future generations.

If you feel as if you haven’t found the right church yet, then attending a contemporary service might sway your feelings and completely change your mind about what a church can be. If you’re curious about how contemporary worship can open your mind and lift you to new spiritual levels, then you might want to check out a local contemporary church such as South Point Community Church. The power of music has never been so great.

Searching for contemporary churches in Jacksonville? Visit South Point Community Church today to discover our vibrant and musical community.

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